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The Bicultural Iowa Writers’ Fellowship (BIWF) and resulting collection owes itself to a great many people:

  • To Hugh Ferrer of the International Writing Program and to Iowa Poet Laureate Mary Swander for their early support and believing in the vision.
  • To Maggie Conroy, Jennifer Fawcett, and Alisha Jeddeloh for giving their time and talent to the fellowship experience.
  • To Iowa State University students Amalie Kwassman, Kartika Budhwar, and Danielle Buchanan for their contributions as student readers and to professor Jennifer Knox for the student connections.
  • To Ana Merino of the University of Iowa Spanish Creativing Writing Program and Aron Aji of the Translation Program for connecting us with translation assistance, and to Nieves Lopez Martin, Marissa Bender, and Sergio Maldonado for their translations and in-language proofreading.  
  • To Alisha Jeddeloh for copyediting.
  • To Skylar Alexander for the beauty of our book.
  • To the Iowa Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for making this entire program possible.
  • To the supporters of the Iowa Writers’ House for believing in our vision.
  • To the Iowa literary community and the City of Literature for celebrating the Writers' House as an essential part of our literary world.