Ghostwriter for Hire!


Ghostwriter for Hire!

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d love to finish my book if I only had the time?” Or, “I wish I was a good enough writer to turn my idea into a book?” Two things are often an impedance to completing a book- time and skill. Ghostwriters fill in the gap as they are professional writers that have dedicated time and skill to help a client write a book from idea to published form. Currently there is a high demand for ghostwriters, as people want to expand their brands and presence in their respected marketplaces. Ghostwriters can exercise their writing skills, get paid, and not have to worry about coming up with story ideas, marketing or finding a publisher as these are the duties of the client. This presents a great opportunity for freelance writers to create a sustainable income while doing what they love.

This three-hour workshop provides the tools needed to begin ghostwriting which are different than conventional writing. Participants will learn how to collaborate with an author to develop ideas and outlines that match their needs and will learn how to write in someone else’s voice. Attention will be paid to interviewing skills, transcribing another person’s ideas and concepts, and duplicating an author’s writing style. In addition, participants will learn the basics of finding and engaging clients.

When: Sunday, October 14th, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Where: Iowa Writers' House

Price: $75

Please review our cancellation policy.

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