Iowa Writers' House
Workshop Scholarships

Writing is a way that we evaluate our human experience, our place in the world, and what the chapters of our lives come together to say about the greater reason for being. Along with delivering excellence in the skills of writing, our Iowa Writers' House Workshops focus on the inner journey and encouraging participants to find their own VOICE. Attending a writing workshop is a life changing experience for many, yet not one that every aspiring writer has the opportunity to have. We're pleased to offer scholarships on behalf of community partners who believe that
the world needs your story.

Each specific workshop has a number of scholarships provided and we evaluate applications on the first come, first serve basis. The applicants are considered based on need as well as best matching writers' desires and writing dreams to workshop experiences to make those possible. Applicants are encouraged to provide information in their application to help understand both their goals and circumstances. If you'd like to contribute to our scholarship fund and help others to tell their stories, see our donation fund page.



Name *
Do you believe you have a story to share, a voice the world needs to hear?
Let us know why you chose this workshop and what you hope to learn & accomplish. Is the instructor one of your favorite writers or does he/she share your cultural heritage? Let us know what makes this opportunity special for you.
It's ok to be a beginner. We all had to start somewhere and these workshops are designed to help writers grow at any level.
If you have any special circumstances, let us know.