Travel Writing: Making Our Trips Through Life Grow

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Travel Writing: Making Our Trips Through Life Grow


Our travels through life form the basis of our stories.  Wherever we go and whatever we do there—whether we’re hiking in the desert, wandering through a museum in Florence, walking on a beach in Hawaii, touring the stacks of our local library, or visiting a friend in the hospital—has the makings of a great piece of writing. And turning whatever happens in our travels into something we write about makes us pay closer attention to what’s there, while the experiences are happening or after the fact. We become more present, and that makes everything more enjoyable; even the hard stuff becomes easier.  The writing itself is a kind of journey, and at the end we have something tangible—a piece of great writing—so others can share in our travels.

In this class we’ll use fun, easy, foolproof writing exercises to turn our travel stories into writing that’s fresh, exciting, and surprising.  We’ll create a small creative community in a strictly positive environment.  And we’ll talk about how to use writing as a life tool that can turn every trip we go on, whether it’s exciting and wonderful or not so wonderful, into a transformative experience, for us and our readers, allowing us to make the most of our travels through life.  We’ll also discuss issues of craft, such creating narrative drive and using concrete details, and talk about where students can go from here.

When: Friday, November 30th,  6:00pm-7:30pm

Saturday, December 1st, 9:30am-3:30pm

Sunday, December 2nd, 9:30am-3:30pm

Where: Iowa Writers' House

Price: $265

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