When we discovered that English language books are one of the most needed resources in Cuba, we knew we wanted to help. Since Cuba is one of the most literary countries in the world, having access to books should never be an obstacle. The Iowa Writers' House will be attending The Havana International Book Festival the week of February 12-20th, and we're ready to be your arms and legs! Help us arrive in Cuba with boxes full of books to give away for free--a gift of love from American citizens & the literary community! 


We're working with Uptown Bill's Coffeehouse to purchase boxes of gently used books for a steal, and helping support another nonprofit to boot! We're also accepting donations of books: American classics, new fiction and memoir in great condition. Kids books, coloring books, & supplies are also needed. 
If you have books & supplies to donate, contact us at


Here's where we really need the help!
All donations go toward the purchase, shipping, and delivery of the books to our Cuban friends.

End to end, we estimate $250 for an entire box of books & supplies including the price of books! 
Our goal is to send 10 boxes!
Ready to show the literary love? Let's do this!





1. Visit the Community Foundation of Johnson County website

2. Under "Give to a Specific Organization" enter "Iowa Writers' House"

3. Click "Donate with PayPal"-- this button will also allow you to pay with credit card

4. Fill in your donation amount and enter your credit card details or login to PayPal

5. Feel great about contributing to your local community!