Spoken Word Collections

Each year, the Writers' House takes on select projects in which we curate, edit, and produce collections of writing that feature emerging writers on contemporary themes and issues. Some of these collections were created in our workshops, others were answers to calls for submission or presented live as spoken word. 
We believe words are powerful and hope that these collections inspire new perspectives in understanding each other. The digital 'books' are free, and we donate all of the editing, design, layout, and production, as our gift to writers, readers, and the world. 


This is our peace: 

This collection of emerging writers' and spoken word artists was created from a call for submissions the week that the riots of Ferguson, Missouri began. A group of Iowans from all walks of life put their hearts on the page and then on the stage. 

The book shares the voices of those who have been oppressed, those who want to understand, and those who fight for a brighter future in Iowa, and in the world. 



Inspired by the seventy-year anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the work in this collection responds to the need for understanding within the human races of the ever-lasting damage we have done to each other, the only positive from which can be the understanding that no good can come from a future based in the threat. These pieces of peace were also presented at an evening on the stage hosted by Uptown Bill's.


A Collection of young women writers

What if little girls believed that their voices could change the world? What if we believed them, and in turn, listened to their words. This collection came together from a world-shifting workshop weekend where we gave twenty-five young ladies instruction in writing, and they in turn gave us instruction in the great and wondrous possibilities of this life. 
This experience and book were made possible by a donation from ACT who believe in the power of young women and their voices.